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Best area to stay in Crete for families

Family of four on european vacation on the edge of pool

Best area to stay in Crete for families

As the largest of the Greek islands, Crete is a great choice for a family vacation. Almost every part of the island is suitable for families, but we’ve chosen a few special areas which make a good base for your vacation in Crete.

Where to stay in Crete

Crete, much like the rest of Greece, is a very family-friendly destination. As such, you can’t really go wrong when choosing somewhere to stay with your family in Crete. We’ve come up with a few suggestions below that we believe cover the vast majority of visitors planning a trip to there.


Whilst Heraklion may be the capital and does have its charms, there is no doubting that Chania is much prettier. It does become very busy with tourists during the peak months of July and August, but outside these times, it is a very pleasant place to stay, especially in the autumn.

In addition to simply enjoying the town itself, there are ample day trips from Chania you can take in order to see more of the countryside and experience a little of Cretan life. Even if you don’t stay in Chania with your family when on vacation in Greece, you should consider making a trip here.