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Houses for Sale in Souda, the main ferry and naval port of western Crete

Should you need to be close to the main financial activities of western Crete and enjoy the endless blue of the Cretan Sea, then you should look for houses for sale in Souda. Souda is a town in Chania , Crete, Greece. It is an important ferry and naval port at the head of Souda Bay. Souda is 6.5 kilometres (4.0 miles) to the east of central Chania, although the area in between is mostly built-up.

The town is a relatively new settlement, built on what used to be salt beds and marshland. The Turks knew the area as ‘Tuzla’, their name for salt-beds. In the 1870s, they began to build a new settlement which grew as the port expanded. Souda Bay is one of the deepest natural harbours in the Mediterranean and is easy to defend. Now Souda is the arrival point for ferries from Piraeus. It is also well-served with shops of all types and some renowned fish restaurants in the old centre, amenities which are very important to prospective buyers of houses for sale in Souda.

The Allied war cemetery, mostly of soldiers from World War II, is found in Souda on the shore. Souda as a municipal unit, extends from Chania’s hinterland (Souda, Nerokourou and Tsikalaria) along the coast, taking in the villages of Kalami and ApteraMegala Chorafia.

Around 8,000 people live in the municipal unit, the majority in Souda itself. The area offers beautiful views across the sea and up to the White Mountains and due to its proximity to Chania is a very popular residential area. Therefore there is a great demand for houses for sale in Souda.