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Luxury Property for sale in Crete

Luxury property for sale in Crete close to Stavros Cove in Akrotiri ChaniaA lot has been written and said in all kinds of media regarding the financial situation in Greece.

The property market suffered dramatically over the last few years and investment from overseas, slowed significantly during the global financial crisis.

However, Greece is famous for its glorious weather, beautiful beaches, wonderful people and delicious food so it comes as no surprise that people are now wishing to come to Greece again.

In Crete, numbers of visitors are greatly increased in 2014 and with extra flights in to Chania and Heraklion,

Luxury property for sale in Crete Chania Akrotiri Tersanasthe demand is high to visit the most southerly island in the Mediterranean.

With tourism picking up, foreign investors wishing to buy property has also increased.

The peninsular of Akrotiri, near to Chania, has long been a quiet area, surrounded by fantastic sandy beaches and having amazing sunset views across the sea.

Over the last 2-3 years people have started to realise the potential that the Akrotiri has to offer as a holiday destination.A remarkable amount of luxury property for
Luxury property for sale in Crete find out about the cretan riviera
sale in Crete and high budget properties have been built, either for private or for professional use, creating a lucrative luxury property market in Akrotiri. With its proximity to the historic city of Chania and short drive to the airport, the area is fast becoming the place that prospective buyers are searching, to find their ideal property.Tersanas Akrotiri modern example of building a house in Crete

If the old town of Chania is considered to be the “Venice of the East” then it seems that Akrotiri in Chania is the “Cretan Riviera”….