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Owning a house in Crete – Essential Maintenance Check list


Once owning a house in Crete or in your country, you should always have in mind the following check list, which will help you keep your home in a good condition. It will also help you avoid a lot of stress involved in dealing with any potential damages:

  • Check your roof for blocked drainage. If the water gathers on the top of the property, it might cause moisture problems on the roof or on the walls.
  • Check that all the water pipes are properly insulated and that they are not leaking.
  • Have your fireplace serviced and cleaned annually because dirty chimney can cause fire.
  • Have your central heating boiler serviced before using it.
  • Check that the alarm of the house is working property and that its battery is in a good condition.
  • Check for missing tiles, cracked render and structural damage as they can cause leaks and moisture.
  • Check your garden and especially check for dead or dying trees, which can easily fall down and cause damages in cases of strong winds.