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Peace of mind while owning a house in Crete


When owning a house in Crete or abroad, you should always have in mind the following check list, which will help you keep your home in a good condition. It could help you avoid a lot of stress and save you money if you prevent any potential damages :

1. Check your roof and balconies for blocked drains. If the water gathers in areas, it might cause moisture problems on the roof or on the walls.

2. Check that all water pipes are properly insulated and that they are not leaking.

3. Have your fireplace serviced and cleaned annually because a blocked chimney can cause a fire.

4. Have your central heating boiler serviced regularly.

5. If you have an alarm, check that it is working property and that its battery is in a good condition.

6. Check for missing tiles, cracked plaster/render and structural damage so as to avoid leaks and moisture.


7. Check your garden and especially check for dead or dying trees, which can easily fall down and cause damages in cases of strong winds.

In case you have assigned the management of your home to a maintenance company, check that they are doing all above mentioned inspections and works.

As well as offering our professional real estate services and building high quality homes, Euroland-Crete also offers a wide range of property management services and maintenance packages to look after your home.

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