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Luxury Villa Property Services

Making life easy !

We provide a full range of property management and rental services for luxury villas on the island of Crete.

Based in the Chania area, we have over 30 years of experience of luxury villa marketing, reservations and providing high quality management services to our guests and clients

Property Rental Services

With our extensive marketing, we are able to provide you with rental bookings for your property. We deal with all of the enquiries and bookings from guests and simply pay you the rental money directly to your bank account.

House Cleaning

We can have your home ready for you prior to you or your guests’ arrival with our Preparation Service. We offer a full cleaning service for your home, whereby we can arrange complete cleaning or general freshening of all areas inside and outside according to your needs. Between guest changes we thoroughly clean your property and check that your home is in full working order ready for the next guests.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Keep your pool ready to swim in all year round with our pool cleaning service. We will clean the pool and check the chemical levels are correct and perform any necessary mechanical adjustments. We can empty and re-fill the pool whenever necessary, clean the surrounding areas and inspect the pool for signs for wear and tear and provide you with updates. We can also supply all of the cleaning equipment and pool chemicals.


Our gardening service can be tailor made to your home and we can maintain your gardens and surrounding areas to the level you choose throughout the year.
This can include: Pruning of trees, hedges and shrubs, cutting grass lawns, checking irrigation systems and maintaining all outside spaces throughout the year. On request, we can also provide full garden and landscaping design services.

Laundry Service

We can collect from your home all of the laundry as required and deliver them back all cleaned and ready for you or your next guests.

Key Holding

Let us safe-keep your keys with our Key Holding service. We can look after your keys when you are not here just in the case of an emergency. Keys to your property will be securely kept and accessible to only authorized staff.

Property Inspection Visits

Programmed inspection visits will ensure that all is well with your property throughout the year. We can perform inspection visits to your home and check if everything is as it should be whilst guests are staying or in times that the house is unoccupied. We will inspect all areas for signs of wear and tear and report back to you if there is any need for further attention. If we do find something that needs attention, we have a dedicated construction department that can complete all kind of works, including any emergency work or call-outs.

Building and Repair Works

Having successfully managed villas, houses and apartments for many years, our experienced staff can undertake any further work needed at your home. We are just a phone call or an email away so, make an appointment and we’ll assess any work you may require.

Euroland-Crete also provide a comprehensive real estate and building service. We can help you with of all of your property requirements; from initially buying or building a home, through to taking care of it afterwards.

Please ask for further details of any of our services