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Why buying a house in Crete is good for your health

A lot of studies have been published by various institutions, which refer to the positive impact that living by or close to the sea offers to our health. It has been proven that people living closer to the sea and who have more sunshine tend to be happier and healthier than others.

There is evidence that sea water has reviving qualities and can reduce tension and stress, detoxify the skin, improve circulation, aid weight loss and help cellulite control. The magnesium content of sea water is considered to be sufficiently strong enough for having a nutritional and calming effect on our nerves, something which would explain why we find being in the sea water so relaxing.


Additionally fresh air and sun are nature’s disinfectants. They function as natural “antibiotics” against germs in the atmosphere as the majority of them, which cause airborne infections, cannot tolerate sunlight. Fresh air can also make us feel more refreshed and relaxed as the amount of serotonin produced by our bodies is affected by the amount of oxygen we inhale. Serotonin can significantly lighten our mood and promote a sense of happiness and well-being.

Crete is an island with a long coast line, full of lovely beaches with clear crystal waters. The sun is shining approximately 330 days a year and fresh air is everywhere, even in the urban areas of the island. The Cretan diet as part of the Mediterranean is considered to be one of the healthiest in the world and Crete can offer products of high nutrition quality such as olive oils, milk and cheese, wine and fruits.The island is an ideal place to live and take advantage of all these benefits of nature proving that buying a house in Crete may be the healthiest choice a person could make…..